Why OM?

To start with, to Om is to chant.  Chanting is simply the rhythmic speaking or singing of words or phrases.  Chanting is a beautiful way to bring more life to your asana practice.

Om is the oldest chant in India.  Om, considered to be an all-pervading sound in the universe, connects us to everything around us and within us.  Comprised of three syllables –A, U, M – Om is pronounced AhhOohMmm.  Typically, at least one of these syllables is the first sound a baby makes.  In a yoga class, Om is usually chanted at the beginning and/or end of class.

Now to address the title of this blog post:  Why Om?  Chanting Om brings life into your body, presence to your mat and states your commitment to those around you. For most students in the West, it is one of the few sounds (other than breath) made in a yoga class.

The next time you Om, bring your attention to what you hear and feel.  Close your eyes, take a deep inhale and as you exhale begin your Om.  Notice the first sound of “Ahh”, hear the transition to “U” and its vibration, and feel the “Mmm” sound as it slowly exits your body.  Notice there’s a beginning, middle and end – creation, preservation and destruction.  These 3 characteristics also apply to everything that has sound which is everything and everyone that has energy in the universe.

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