Honor Yourself

To “honor yourself, just as you are” can be a challenge for many of us. It can be refreshing to try it and your yoga mat can be a great place to start this habit.

Resist judging yourself (why can’t I xxx?). Resist blaming yourself or feeling guilty (why me?). Instead try offering yourself compliments, forgiveness and most of all, compassion. Offer yourself a smile when you fall out of a pose, or look in the mirror, rather thoughts of criticism.

Yoga teaches us how to change our perspectives of others and more importantly ourselves. Your yoga practice is a wonderful place to learn about how being where you are in your life, just as you are, is okay. Honoring yourself, your existence and your contribution to this planet is a huge step in discovering how powerful and beautiful you really are.

As you start to shift your perspective, you begin to see your limitations as opportunities for growth, particularly in your relationship with yourself. You become more accepting of whom you are. This is yoga. This is finding your truth.

2 responses to this post.

  1. A wonderful thing our teacher did during a workshop today (a teacher training weekend intensive)….have us all “fall out of tree” on purpose….really, no gently landings, really fall out of it. It was fun and for a room full of teachers (and soon-to-be-teachers) it felt good to feel like you don’t always have to be graceful, that modifications are OK, and that “falling” isn’t the end of the world.

    Ravi in Seattle


  2. How fun! I love when teachers encourage exploration.

    Falling is part of life. Yoga is a great way to learn how to handle it. The landing, regardless of how hard or soft it may be, can’t usually be predicted.

    Namaste, Ravi. Namaste to all.


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