Where Have I Been?

Has it really been two weeks since I’ve tap out a blog post? Never fear, I’m here with lots to offer.

I figure since you’ve had some downtime from the abellaYoga blog now might be a good time to post the following link (see below) outlining 77 health benefits of practicing yoga. I’m sure every reader can relate with at least one, or maybe even ten, of the items on the list.  It’s a great list!

My only critique is there isn’t much mention of yoga being a path towards bliss (aka enlightenment) which keeps us healthy and shining from head-to-toe, inside and out. To me this is a huge benefit, though it does take time to discover. For some, it’s many years into their yoga practice.

There’s a lot to learn, experience and benefit from when it comes to yoga. Yoga is much more than asana (poses). Through exploration, consistency and willingness to be open to whatever is tossed to you in a yoga class, you’ll start to discover more than the 77 benefits outlined in the link I’m including here. In due time, you’ll experience bliss.

To slightly digress, another big benefit of a regular yoga practice is learning true discipline (also not mentioned in the list/link). Getting to your mat daily (discipline), staying on your mat (discipline), holding a pose longer than you think you can (discipline), trying flying crow even if you might splatter to the floor (discipline).  Discipline keeps us healthy.

Going back to bliss…ultimately yoga is a practice that connects us to our hearts and opens us up to our true nature (aka Self). Every step in your yoga practice (including your life practice) has it’s ups and downs but combined the synergistic effect is one of bliss.  A blissful life is a healthy life.


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