Verbal communication can offer a wonderful release in a stressful or emotional situation.  It’s great for generating ideas and gathering insight from others.  Talking builds bonds with colleagues and expands friendships.  Talking can enhance relationships with loved ones and even connect us to strangers. Talking with intention is healthy.  Talking just to talk is distracting.

I’ve been observing when I talk, why I talk and what I say.  Before I speak, I think about whom I am speaking with and does what my mind hold really need to be shared with this person.  Is what I’m about to say negative or gossip?  Pausing before I speak has shifted a few things for me.  My complaining has decreased, my listening has increased and my mind feels clearer.

Talking just to fill empty space can be an excuse not to sit with oneself or in the presence of another in silence.  Why is silence so uncomfortable for some?  The answer will be revealed in another blog posting ☺

There is a lot of power in silence, in stillness.  Meditation and yoga are wonderful introductions to silence and can increase your self-awareness as it relates to what you say, your tone and when you speak (i.e. do you interrupt others who are in silence).   Actually, you don’t even need meditation or yoga to practice observation of your words.  Try this:  Take note the next time you unconsciously reach for your cell phone to call someone “just to talk”.  Could a few minutes of silence with yourself give you more relief?  It may be just what you need.

There is a time to talk and a time to be quiet.  Learn to observe this and enjoy both.  Silence is precious but surely will be missed if you talk for the sake of talking.

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