Feeling is Freeing

When you’re in tune with your feelings, you’re in touch with your senses, intuition and place in life. The opposite of feeling is numbness. Who wants that? Thinking and analyzing all the time creates numbness in the body. Thinking can be constricting. When you over think, you lose touch with what feels best for you. If you’re not sure how to feel, a yoga class might be a start.

Asanas (postures performed in a typical yoga class) and meditation open you up to your senses, thoughts and feelings. You’ll feel your body and breath in ways you haven’t since you were 5 years old. You’ll observe movement and notice subtle sensations –good and bad. You’ll feel tension you didn’t know you had (i.e. in those hips!). You’ll feel a release in the thinking muscle (your brain that you use all too often). You’ll feel your heart open. Best of all, you’ll start to experience some freedom from thinking and make decisions from your soul.

A yoga class also introduces you to feeling your connection in space –to the earth, sun, nature, etc. Feeling invites awareness to your surroundings and placement within the environment. A more practical example bumping into someone and saying excuse me. Many people bump into people and don’t even realize it. Hence, they never say excuse me because they are so clueless about their bodies in relation to the present environment.

Lastly, feeling increases your connection to those you interact with -family, friends, coworkers, pets. Who brings out the best in you? Who in your circle of friends creates anxiety and stress? When you feel good, you bring out goodness in others. Feeling good is addictive. Who doesn’t want that?

More on feeling in my next posting.  In the meantime, take a yoga class and experience “feeling”.  It’s not something you can learn by thinking.  How freeing?!?!?!

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