Seva = Service

I’ve been in search of a volunteer opportunity that I can commit to once a week. I donate money every year to several organizations but I’ve been in search of a way I can donate some of my time. There are always plenty of openings and I’ve found some of great interest. The obstacle (a.k.a. excuse) I seem to encounter is having the time. Why can’t I seem to carve out a couple hours a week to help others?

Teaching yoga as a full-time is a commitment of Self. I teach about 12-15 classes per week. Add to that roughly one-hour of commuting for each class since I’m a mobile yoga teacher – I travel to all of my clients in Arlington & Alexandria, VA as well as in D.C. Administrative tasks associated with having a small business, my own yoga practice (oh, so needed!), walking the dog (my current meditation practice) and personal stuff (i.e. laundry, bills, cleaning house, grocery shopping, etc.) all take the ‘t’ word. Time. Oh and let’s not forget I have a husband who would like some of my time ☺

I recently concluded that teaching yoga is an act of Seva. I don’t need to formally volunteer with an organization to practice Seva. By teaching 5 days/week, I’m serving others. I’m giving myself. I’m pouring my heart into helping others in a way I don’t think I can currently offer by volunteering. Whether my teaching is geared toward toning bodies or putting people in touch with themselves on a spiritual level, I’m practicing Seva.

So while I continue to have my own yoga business, I’m no longer going to beat myself up for not doing “volunteer work” per se. The work I do as a yoga teacher is helping others by improving the quality of their lives in some way. That is Seva. This is good work.

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