Daily Vacation

Who doesn’t need a mini-vacation everyday?  Or better question, who doesn’t want a daily break from life?  Remember McDonald’s slogan…”you deserve a break today”.  Well, it’s true!

Vacations are healthy.  I personally believe a real vacation needs to be a minimum one week as it takes the first few days to unwind and let go.  In my experience, I spend a lot of time those first days reminding myself that its okay to disconnect from reality.  That’s the point of vacation, right?  By mid-week, I finally feel its okay to be offline.  It can be an foreign experience when you really can allow yourself permission to “let go”.  For me, my head is clear.  I feel rejuvenated and alive.

The reality is not all of us can afford the time and money to take a minimum of 7 days vacation as often as we would like or need.  That’s where meditation can offer some daily downtime.  Of course, it’s not the same as breaking out of life for a week but it’s a start and necessary if you want to keep your head clear and fully experience your life.  Daily meditation, whether it’s 5 minutes or 25 minutes, is an opportunity to break through the chaos and clutter of life and check-in to your own internal hotel.  This is luxury at its best. 

Similarly to a long vacation, I find during my meditation practice it takes the first few minutes (sometimes as much as 10 min of a 20 min sitting) to really release from the day and relax.  It requires patience and persistence.  It requires dropping expectations of what meditation should “look like” or “be like”.  It requires me to stop thinking and simply focus on my breath, a word or phrase.  Regardless of how hard those first few minutes are for me to sit still, I know that it’s part of the process.  The more I return to meditation, the easier it gets to sit still physically and mentally.  Best of all, I get more in touch with myself.  I am getting clarity on what’s important to me, why am I here, what do I want in life, what can I give, etc. 

So what’s the point of this entry?  You deserve a break today!  Make the time to sit for at least 5 minutes a day, breathe and not think.  Your 5 minute breaks will eventually add up to a week of vacation and you’ll start to feel alive and get clear on what matters most to you.  And if you have vacation time, by all means use it!          

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