How Was Your Weekend?

My Mondays start at 6:45am with a private yoga client in Arlington, then I head to Potomac, MD to teach another private yoga session.  I have a mini-break which I run home to walk my dog, meditatively, and then dart back out the door to teach a corporate lunchtime yoga class in D.C.  This is my typical Monday.  And like most Mondays, today after leaving the corporate yoga class I stopped into Smoothie King to satisfy my Green Tea Tango with Banana addiction.  The girl asked me “how was your weekend?”.  I had to pause and think “my weekend? what did I do?”.  Though it was only 1:30pm on Monday, my weekend felt like it was so long ago.

I had a relaxing weekend of yoga, reading (A New Earth), watching a movie (Hitch), doing some laundry, going to the gym and wasting time on Facebook.  I think I did a few errands but honestly I can’t say I over exerted myself.  It was a perfect weekend.

It’s now Monday at 3:45pm.  So I ask myself…why does it feel like the weekend was so long ago?  Am I starting to wake-up to my life in the present?  Am I starting to live in the power of being aware of what each moment at hand has to offer?  It is freeing to just surrender to what the day has to offer, i.e. not trying to control todays’ events, not being disappointed that I didn’t have a more productive weekend.  The weekend has past.  There will be another one soon.  Until then, I have today to enjoy and tomorrow to wake-up to.  Namaste.      

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