Learn from Injuries

I’m convinced that physical injuries are life lessons in disguise.  Of course, you have to be open to seeing and learning from the lessons offered.

With my bum ankle, I’ve been on my yoga mat daily in a different form.  I’ve been forced, due to the injury, to practice yoga modifications.  Sure I’ve done modifications in the past but more as an exploratory practice.  This time I had no choice.

Practicing with my injury has brought shifts to my practice both mentally and physically.  It has reminded me to experience the many ways to enter, deepen and exit a pose.  It has forced me out of moving on autopilot and truly be present.  It’s been like being a beginning yoga student as I’ve had to approach my yoga practice in a way I’ve never done before.  Let me rephrase, working with this injury has shown me how to respect my body, to truly take care of myself and listen within.

With my twisted ankle, I was forced to play with a different side of my edge.  People thought I was crazy for practicing yoga the day after the injury occurred.  I took it slow.  I listened to my body.  I actually believe the movement helped it heal faster.  It has been fun, freeing and a great reminder that working with injuries are part of the experience –on and off the yoga mat.   

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