It’s funny how one little thing, like twisting an ankle, can easily shift your entire day.  Yes, I twisted my right ankle late yesterday and it has shuffled my day and quite possibly the rest of my week.  I woke up in pain during the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep or walk.  I canceled a couple private yoga client sessions this morning (sorry!).  Lined up a sub for a lunchtime yoga class tomorrow.  Missed the yoga class I had planned to take at lunchtime today at Down Dog —ahhhh, my practice 😦 .  And I had to bail on getting my mani/pedicure.  Bummer!

Now I sit confined to the bed catching up on the administrative details of my yoga business.  In a way it’s a blessing to be stuck at home.  I’m actually getting through my check list as I’m forced to focus and sit still.  It’s an odd feeling to be limited in my mobility given I run a mobile yoga studio/business.  I’m so use to darting from teaching a client to running an errand to back to a another client.  Rarely do I sit still.  Maybe this is what I needed?

We take for granted so many little things, like ankles, walking and simply moving.  We often don’t pay attention to parts of our bodies, mundane tasks and our lives until something goes wrong.  I have to think this is a sign, a positive sign.   

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