Simplicity doesn’t mean easy.  Consider seated meditation:  it looks simple but to really do it —and I mean to really and truly be with your Self physically, mentally and emotionally —is challenging.  I love all these corporate ads now that are using the concept of meditation in their advertising.  They make it look simple with people dressed in suits sitting at ease cross-legged, eyes shut and focused, but hello it’s hard as hell (pardon me, yogis).

Simplicity doesn’t mean difficult.  Consider an asana (yoga pose) that you struggle through, that you make difficult.  The reality is we all can be somewhere in that pose and be beautiful.  Each pose offers an opportunity for individuals to shine and express themselves in their own way.  Many of us opt to force, strain and struggle to look like what we “think” the pose is suppose to look like (hello ego) because we saw it once in a book “that way”.  Keep it simple and make it yours.  Simplicity is beautiful. 

Simplicity is balance.  It’s the balance point between easy and difficult.    Simplicity invites neutrality.  Is that a word?.  Sounds like I’m starting to get complicated.  Complicated —a sign that I need to turn toward simplicity or simply say “good night”.  Ahhhh, that was simple! 

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