Yoga’s Sweet Spot

Busy, busy, busy.  Life ebbs and flows.  Some days I feel on top of things; others I feel overwhelmed with the details of running a business and maintaining my personal life.  The key is finding the balance between the chaos and calm.  For me, that’s where the sweet spot resides –smack in the middle.

Yoga keeps me sane and in touch with the sweet spot of life.  I’m heading to class tonight to take a 90 minute power vinyasa flow with one of my favorite teachers.  This has kept me cranking through the busyness of my afternoon.  I love teaching and meeting with my clients —this doesn’t feel like work.  It’s the stuff in between —taxes, bills, writing contracts and crafting invoices —that sometimes bogs me down.  Dealing with these administrative details, does remind me that I’m lucky to have the freedom and pleasure of having my own business.  I’m in control.  The key is staying in control. 

Yoga has enabled me to channel my energy, remain controlled and see that anything is possible.  We all have so much potential.  It’s how, and if, we chose to pursue it.  Our potential can be hidden at times or blocked by life’s challenges.  I’ve learned that these storms in life are temporary, no matter how harsh they might seem at the time.  Even the blissful events in life are temporary.  Weathering both the storms and bliss is part of finding your potential, your sweet spot in life.

And then there’s yoga class.  Reflect back on your last yoga class.  There were probably a few storms you had to face (those poses you despise or find challenging) and there were probably a few blissful moments (accomplishing a pose you thought was out of your reach, arriving to corpse pose feeling you gave it your all, etc).  Then there are the in-between moments –the balance point between bliss and stormy.  Ahhhh, the sweet spot!

I’m rambling.  Gotta run to yoga.

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