Find the Lesson

So I had this blog writing in mind.   I write it (see below) then I stumble upon this article  just before posting my entry.  The article says it all.  Read one, or read both.  Of course, I’m flattered if you read mine J

Life is a gift and it is full of opportunities and change.  Everything –the good and the bad –is an opportunity to learn and grow.  It is how we opt to view the opportunity that makes a difference in how we move in this world.

No matter how difficult or life-altering the event –losing a loved one, getting a speeding ticket, or arguing with a friend – there is a lesson to be learned.  Some lessons are obvious and some aren’t so clear.  Some are blocked by emotions, sense of denial or even worse self-pity (“why me”).  Often times we hinder our own growth by resisting – we refuse to see the good in the bad. 

Step back from the emotions.  Look at the facts.  See the occurrence for what it is.  What can you learn from it?  The best lessons in life often come from the hardships, the negative experiences.

Can you view every opportunity/event in your life as a gift?  Some are surprises and some you’ve hand-picked.  Regardless of what is presented, take it all and make the best of it. 

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