Live with Purpose

As a yoga instructor, I teach a lot of students and observe a lot of faces.  Some students appear as if they’re just going through the motions while others travel through class with energy of presence, of purpose.  In my personal experience, committing to an intention during my yoga practice enables me to me fully present in my practice and it continues to follow me into my life.

An intention is focused on how you are “being” in the moment at hand; in the present.  An intention helps conserve energy by not wasting time being stuck in the past or thinking about the future (something that might not happen).  Life is too short not to move, breathe and live without meaning, without purpose, in the existing moment.  Everything you do both in and outside of a yoga class should be an expression of you in that moment – how you feel, where you are in your body, what you need.

What is your intention for yoga practice?  What’s your intention for your life today?

Set an intention and commit.  Keep it simple.  One word such as kindness, patience, courage or tolerance can serve as a wonderful intention to live from.  Some intentions may stick with you for weeks or even months.  Others may be short-lived.  Know that your intention will change as you change and grow.  As is life, setting intentions is a living practice so ask yourself everyday “what is my intention?”. 

Stop going through the motions.  Let your intention be the foundation from which all your actions flow, both on and off your yoga mat.  The more you bring focus to your intention, the more purpose and energy you’ll find in your life.

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