Shine Like the Mountains

I just returned from a good week of skiing in CO.  In between the slopes, I found time to unroll my yoga mat as well as sip a few cups of tea at the local coffee house.  Fortunately, a beautiful day of sun granted me the luxury to sit outside the café, sip tea and stare at the mountains surrounding the town of Telluride.

It occurred to me as I looked out at the snow covered terrain that there are many similarities between mountains and humans.  Each mountain has its own beauty and strength as does each human.  Mountains possess various characteristics and energy as do humans —height, width, color, etc.  Some were bright while others appeared to be dark depending on the amount of tree and snow coverage.  No mountain looked the same, just as no person on the street looked the same.  Our bodies change with the seasons and so do the mountains.  Mountains age, though maybe not as noticeably as we do.  Lucky mountains!

My point of rambling is that we, humans, are part of nature.  As much as we forget, particularly when living in a city environment, we each possess beauty, grace and strength.  These traits give us personality, individuality.  It’s the uniqueness that we each possess that makes us who we are in this world.  This is nature.  We are nature. 

Let your natural characteristics shine just like the mountains.  Stand tall, be proud.  Live from your Tadasana pose.

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