Mini-Blog Vacation

I’m heading to Telluride, CO for a vacation week of skiing (and of course, some yoga) and plan to be offline the entire week.  Hmmm…is it really possible?

It’s such a rare opportunity, and hard to imagine, to have a week without online access.  In a way, it’s a week of freedom; a true opportunity to clear my head from electronic distraction.  Of course, I plan to journal (yes, writing the old-fashioned way) and hope to share an experience or two with you upon my return.

Until then, I leave you with this…

“Let’s give ourselves the courage to keep going when no one else believes in us.  The vision to be able to see past the fear to where beauty lives.  Passion for everything we do.  Truth in always listening to our inner selves.  And possibilities because anything is possible if we really believe.  Let’s give ourselves the gift of responsibility so we may have a say in our lives!”

No, I didn’t write this.  My Mom gave me this doll ornament at Christmas.  It’s a Betsy Johnson-ish looking woman –maybe 6 inches tall in an all white gown, silver box hat and Pippy Long Stockings stockings.  Yes, it’s very funky.  To some, it might border tacky.  But once I read the card attached to it (which displays the writing above), I appreciated the creativity of the ornament, and that’s the point.

We’re all unique.  We all have our own thoughts, passions, desires, mannerisms, etc. Yet, it is so easy to fall into the trap of “I got to be like everyone else” because that’s the “norm”.  It’s so easy to be discouraged by fear, what others say and what we tell ourselves.  No matter how rough and dark the road may be at times, there’s always light ahead.  Take control, live from your heart and let your light shine bright.  Be the funky doll!                 

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