Yoga Can Change Your Life

Not sure what yoga can do for you?  Read this article for inspiration.  Or maybe you tried yoga once and thought “yoga is not for me”.  Do yourself a favor, try it again.

There is a yoga style for everyone –power/Ashtanga, restorative, meditation-based, breathing-focused, Integral (heavy emphasis on breath and meditation), hot (Bikram), Jivamukti (combines asana, chanting, breathing and meditation), Anusara (heart-opening & spiritually inspiring) and Iyengar (alignment-focused).  These are just a few.  Be open to trying several types.  It takes patience to find what works best with your personality and constitution.  If 2008 is your year to make changes in your life, find a yoga style that works for you and stick with it.  You’ll be amazed at what’s possible through a yoga practice.

Once you find your yoga style, which can only be done by you physically experiencing the style vs. reading about it, you’ll need to find a teacher(s) that speaks to you.   There is a teacher(s) for everyone.  Yoga is a journey and on this journey it’s important to find a teacher that challenges and opens you up in ways you didn’t think were possible.  Know that you may resist at first.  The odds are, from my personal experience, that over time the lessons will be revealed and you’ll return to your mat.

Ahhhh, and patience is a virtue.  Don’t expect immediate results from just a couple yoga classes.  Commit to at least 1-2 classes a week for 3 months.  I promise you won’t be disappointed and you’ll probably find yourself carving more time into your schedule for yoga. 

Yoga can be the biggest gift you give yourself.  I’m confident with patience, and the willingness and desire to make life-altering changes, you’ll find a yoga practice that will change your life.

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