Bow Your Head to Your Heart

“Get your mind out of it and follow your heart” is what I sometimes tell my yoga students when they seem to be analyzing vs. being in a pose.  So often we let our minds rule our world.  The result?  The life you have at this moment.  I’m not saying don’t use your smarts. God gave us brains for a reason, but he also gave us hearts.  What if you followed your heart first then let the mind join in for the ride.  How different would your life be today?

I feel lucky and happy in my life for many reasons.  At the core of my happiness is I took a big step late 2006 and ignored the logical path to follow my heart’s desire.  I always wanted my own business but didn’t think I could build one, particularly around something I enjoyed.  My passion is living my yoga journey, and always learning.  I’m doing it.  I teach yoga.  I am constantly learning from my students.  I have a successful yoga business.  I’m learning how to improve it each step of the way.  I’m a yoga student always seeking more.  I’m always evolving but I’ve learned to move from my heart and not so much from my head.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are areas in my life I’m struggling and as I type this maybe I’m using my head too much to analyze the situations.  Hmmm…something for me to consider.  Maybe it’s time to follow my heart and start listening within for all areas of my life.  Start listening within vs. letting my head do the work –can it really be that simple?

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  1. Congratulations for following your heart. Its not always easy! Best of luck with your journey and business.


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