Right under My Nose

I’ve been in search of a specific item.  I was in need of a funky container/small piece of furniture to house my yoga practice stuff (DVDs, straps, blocks) in my all-in-one home office/yoga studio.  This seemed like a simple task so I started my search at Target, Pier I and all the other local places that might have what I desired.

The search existed for a good 6 months.  During that time, I brought home a couple different things, sat with them in the space and inevitably packed them back up to be returned.  Then last week as I was emptying out a metal container that we no longer needed to store our dog’s stuff (yes, he has stuff too), I began to wonder “now, what I’m I going to do with this empty metal container”.  Ahhhh, like magic, I realized this is the perfect container for my home yoga space.

How often does this happen?  We search and search for something; yet we neglect to look under our own feet, around us, or simply directly in front of our eyes.  Don’t try hard, try easy is one of Baron’s principles listed in Journey Into Power.  It’s such a simple idea and hard to believe until you try it.  More and more, I have personally discovered in my yoga practice and my life, the easy way is sometimes the answer.

The Alchemist, an inspirational read on following your dreams, offered this point as well.  We have everything we need but often look outside ourselves for the answers.  What we really need is to simply look within.  How easy is that?  This idea has been tough for me to grasp over the last few years.  It always sounded so esoteric when my yoga teachers would say this, but I think I’m starting to get it!

To whole-heartedly grasp something, whether it’s the practice of yoga, the thrill one gets on a roller coaster ride or the pain experienced from a tragedy, one has to live it.  One has to be in the moment to understand all the feelings associated with the experience.  So after my own experience of many years practicing yoga and almost 36 years of living life, I’m just now finally starting to get a few things.  Life shouldn’t have to be so hard, and often times it really isn’t.  Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own way.   

The next time you’re in a life struggle or you can’t quite get the bind needed for Bird of Paradise, slow down and maybe even stop to smell the roses.  The answer might be right under your nose.  And this silly container that I already owned for several years is the perfect fixture for my yoga stuff.

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