Living vs. Planning

My previous posting hyped up living for today as oppose to planning for tomorrow.   This is a follow-up to that posting and coincidentally a tag on to a conversation I had on Tuesday morning with my BNI networking colleague, Greg H.  

I want to clarify that living in the moment doesn’t mean you don’t own up to the necessary responsibilities and commitments that living an adult life requires.  We all need rules, boundaries, ethical guidelines, etiquette or whatever else you want to call it.  Bills need to be paid on time.  It’s courteous to show up on time when meeting someone.  We need organization.  Papers need to be filed.  Things need to be put away in the proper place.  We need to tend to the house —clean it, do laundry, maintain the yard, etc.  Starting a business, expanding an existing or planning for college, require plans to be made in advance in order to thrive and realize the fullest potential.

These activities aren’t necessarily filled with moments of joy and contentment.  Sometimes even a back-up plan needs to be created just in case plan A falls through.  Start to pay attention to the motions you go through as you live life as a responsible adult.  There are usually lessons to be learned in these “planning” moments.  Let the mind stay focused on the planning-task at hand rather than traveling off to multi-plan-task land.  You know what I mean J

So yes plans are needed to live life to its fullest.  The future unfolds based on the actions we carry out today.  But so many of us need to wake up to what it is we’re doing NOW even if it’s future planning and thinking.  If you don’t wake up NOW, however mundane daily tasks and planning seems, your life will quickly pass by you.

As I close out 2007 (not sure I’ll be back on the blog til ’08), here’s my poem for the year:  Live for today.  Plan for tomorrow.  Pay attention to the ordinary.  And your life will feel extraordinary.  

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