Focus on “NOW”

I have finally stopped feeling the urge to constantly focus on the future.  This has always been such a part of me.  I’ve always been such a “planner”, personally and professionally.  My mind was well trained to always plan for the future and work for more.  More pain, more gain, right? 

Future thinking.  This way of thinking slowly became very evident to me over the last year since starting my business, abellaYOGA.  So many of my thoughts were consumed by the future —worries about what could be better, improved, done differently, etc.  I was so out of touch with what I already have because I was so worried about what would be next.  It was as if I was searching for something else through my planning process but all along I was simply missing what is right in front of me.

Over the last few weeks I feel as if I’m waking up to my life.  It could be a result of my trip to Maya Tulum/Level I Training with Baron Baptiste.   It might be my meditation practice.  Or it simply could be a synergy effect of past events that have lead to this awakening.  It’s like I recently woke up to the fact that I’m really lucky to be me.  I’m lucky to have a thriving yoga business after only being open for a year.  I’m healthy.  I’m lucky to have a wonderful husband and supportive family.  I have a large network of friends.  I live in a very neighborly neighborhood which is very uncommon living so close to the city (Washington, D.C.) as not all neighborhoods are neighborly.  These are all reasons to be happy with what I have today; what I have NOW.

It’s so easy to look onto the next big thing or look back and say “what if”.  I have finally realized that where I am right now, this very moment, is where I am meant to be.  I finally accept the things in my past happened for whatever reason and help shape who I am today.

I also realize that living in the NOW will very soon be the past.  What I do today, what I enjoy today, how I laugh, how I smile, how I love —these are all things that will impact my future.  I need to make the best of these things today.  I need to be fully present in all my actions, in the moment.  What matters is where I am NOW.  What matters is how I live life today.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean by this…Not only have I been doing the same but also a friend of mine (
    It is so important to focus on NOW!!


    Ps – thank you for a lovely blog 😉


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