Celebrate the Holidays

The holiday frenzy is upon us.  What is it that makes it frenzied?  There’s the obvious: Christmas parties —I already had one last Saturday night, two this weekend and at least three more before I had out of town.  Holiday shopping —in-progress.  Writing holiday greeting cards —in-progress.  Baking cookies —probably not.  Decorating the tree —8 more bulbs to go, just need to buy more ornament hooks.   Then there’s the subtle:  procrastination, holiday debt, forgetting the meaning of holiday celebration, ditching yoga practice to attend the company party.  Add all of this to our already busy lives; hence the frenzy.

Unfortunately, in order to handle the frenzy, some tend to completely avoid holiday activities and celebration (bah hum bug) while others push aside the things that keep us sane —doing yoga, going to the gym, walking in nature, practicing meditation or reading something that calms us.  Remember, the holidays are about celebrating.  Celebration should be cheerful and not stressful.

As a yoga teacher, this is my advice:  this is the time you need yoga or whatever it is that keeps you sane.  The holidays are a time to challenge you.  The challenge:  how important is it to you to take care of yourself?  Accept the challenge and show up to your favorite yoga studio, the gym or whatever it is that keeps you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

Now here’s the crazy part of this.  We know every year Christmas will be here on 12/25.  We know that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our time will be filled with celebration and stress.

Since we’re beyond Thanksgiving, the question is what can you do today to make the last few days before Christmas more peaceful and the time between now and then celebratory?  What can you do today so that you can continue to have a strong yoga practice as the year winds down?  My advice:  read my next posting.  Honestly.  Shanti.

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