My Struggle: Yoga at Home

Before I started teaching yoga, I was able to get on my mat a couple times a week in my little Arlington colonial-style home.  I had done this for years without a problem.  Now that I’m teaching full-time, there seems to be a lot of obstacles between me and my home yoga practice.

Mentally, it’s far easier for me to drive to a yoga studio and take a class vs. getting on my mat at home.  It really makes no sense.  Do the math.  It takes me a good 30 minutes to drive, find parking in DC and get into the studio in time to take a 90 minute yoga class.  Then I leave there (and never right away as I always see a few people I know) and have another 15-20 minutes until I’m back home.  This one yoga class takes about 2.5 hours in total.

If I’m so time crunched (which I often claim to be), it seems obvious that unrolling my mat, turning my space heater on and practicing in my little home yoga space for an hour or makes a lot more sense.  Somehow, the excuses take over when I attempt to go the home practice route.  There’s always work that can be done (given I run my own yoga business there will always be “work”).  House chores never go away:  laundry, walk the dog, bills, clean the kitchen, etc.

Even once I’m able to bypass the list of excuses and get onto my mat, I have chatter in my head as to “why did it take me so long to get here?”  Then, on top of that, it’s just as challenging for me to STAY on the mat.  The phone rings and I think “I should go check the caller ID to see who it is, right?”   Here’s a good one…“Ewww!  Look at that dustball, I better clean it up NOW.”  Like it won’t be there when I’m done?  Then there’s the random sounds that inevitably take me away.  ”Oh, the dishwasher/dryer/BlackBerry/etc just beeped.  I guess I should unload it/check it.”

I realized yesterday during my home practice (yes, I stayed on my mat for just over an hour) what really needs to be done was BEING DONE.  Being on my mat, in my house, following my cues is my yoga practice.  A yoga practice is different for everyone.  It was empowering to ignore the excuses.  And you know, they were still there once I finished.  

It’s said that the hardest things for us to do are what we need to do the most.  Being on the yoga mat in my house, moving to my breath, hanging out with myself, is what I need.  This is my new yoga practice.    

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