Inspiration to Give

My dear friend Kristy in PA recently emailed the following to a group of her close yogi friends, including me.  I had read the same article that she is referencing in the current issue of Yoga Journal but I am so impressed to see that she took the initiative to share it and remind some of us who might have glossed over it.  Thanks Kristy!

Here’s her inspirational email:  I was reading my Yoga Journal magazine the other day and there was an article I’d like to share with you all.  Just some food for thought.  
“After receiving a holiday gift of a cookbook on chicken from a well-meaning relative two years ago (I don’t eat poultry), I decided to rethink holiday giving.  The next year I requested that friends and relatives donate money to a worthy cause instead of buying, me, say, yet another pair of salad tongs.  The plan worked beautifully: 
I cut down of planetary waste, helped those who really needed it, and eliminated loads of unwanted presents.  To start a new holiday tradition, write a heartfelt letter to friends and family explaining your reasons- financial, spiritual, or otherwise- for asking that everyone donated money in lieu of getting you a present.”  N.I.  (Yoga Journal, December 2007)
If this doesn’t sound like something you’re interested, that’s ok.  If you are, here are some websites to check out: 

Happy Holidays!

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  1. My message did not seem to post so I am trying again. I don’t usually comment on blogs so I hope I get it right this time!

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