Breakthrough #2 – Listening to ME

My second breakthrough at Level I (Listening to Me) is still unfolding which is part of the delay in sharing it with you.  Each day I’m learning more as I am actively listen to myself.  Who knew there was so much chatter going on upstairs in my little brain?!?!

I never knew how good it would feel to slow down and listen.  Who knew how much power I possess?  My 2 cents lecture…If you don’t listen, how will you ever know what’s going on within.  How will you ever know to trust intuition?  Intuition is about listening.  Listening is about slowing down, observing and not reacting.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve slowed down tremendously as I’ve taken the time to listen within.  At first, I felt guilty.  Here I am running a business and slacking off.  Well, not really but it feels like it given the pace I was moving at prior to my trip to Mexico.  Since starting my business over a year ago, I’ve just been charging forward.  I did a good job at first listening to my gut and following my passion by leaving corporate America to teach yoga full-time.   abellaYOGA has blossomed thanks to the hard work I initially put in but I’ve also carried with me many self-imposed demands that really weren’t necessary.

As I have thought more what it means to really LISTEN to ME, I’ve radically slowed down.  I’m still teaching 12 plus classes a week but I’ve definitely backed off on the administrative, marketing, etc. and expansion plans for my business.  I’m reassessing and more importantly, listening to my answers to the question “what’s really important?” 

Slowing down has enabled me to shift energy from lofty, unnecessary goals to my students.  They’re the reason I’m teaching yoga J  And, helping people live healthier and happier lives is what makes me happy.  It’s why I started teaching.  The best part of the listening process is I’ve noticed a difference in my teaching.  I’m starting to see an energy shift in my classes.  My students are having their own breakthroughs.  In fact, just this morning my student Lynne did her first Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel) on her own.  It was inspiring as a teacher to witness the breakthrough.

This is the beginning of Breakthrough #2.  I’m looking forward to learning more about myself as I continue to listen within.  Note:  If this Breakthrough post doesn’t make sense to you, please read the last few postings. 

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