Breakthrough List

Baron Baptiste’s Level I Teacher Training is designed to be challenging and transformative, physically and mentally.  It’s intended to break individuals out of their shells.  And trust me, it does.  Baron is a master at poking and prodding – in a good way.  His ultimate intention is to help individuals uncover what resides within so that we can be our true selves.  So we can be real.  So we can live an  authentic life.  And as yoga teachers, we can shine.

On the last day at Teacher Training in Mexico, Baron asked us each to jot down 10 things we learned about ourselves over the course of the week.  This list was technically referred to as a Breakthrough List.

At first I thought “10 things!”  I don’t have 10 breakthroughs.  Magically, once I started writing and reflecting on the week I easily exceeded 10.  My next few blog posts will give you a glimpse as to what I learned about myself.  It’s powerful stuff – I promise. 

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