What’s Your Magnificent Mission?

My Gemini horoscope for today:  “Self-depreciation is a crime! You were meant for a magnificent mission, which can only happen if you acknowledge your talents and commit to nurturing them.”  This is applicable to everyone who wants to live a fulfilling life, a magnificent mission.  And, who doesn’t want to do the things in life that bring joy?

For some, it’s easy to pursue their talents.  For others, it may be difficult to recognize the things in life that they’re good at doing.  For some, it can be the fear of what will happen if their talent(s) explodes into something more than they expected.  Others skip nurturing their talents because they don’t feel that it’s within the “norm” of what others expect.

Yoga has taught me that we each are unique.  Every individual has something special that resides within that no one else on this planet possesses.  It’s the responsibility of each of us to find, accept and nurture our uniqueness.  Let it shine through and don’t be shy about sharing who you are with others.  Living life from your heart, just as you are, is your mission.

Yoga has also increased my awareness of the importance of honoring those who we share this world with.  Every person and situation encountered has something to offer.  Be open to what each has to offer.  It’s the character and actions of each person that make life an evolving journey.

We really never know what each moment in time will hold.  So why not live life to its fullest and start living your magnificent mission?     

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  1. I like that horroscope and this post! 🙂


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