Experience the Beauty of Yoga

Experience the Beauty of Yoga is the tagline for my yoga business, abellaYOGA.

I’ve always believed yoga is an experience that each individual has to find for him/herself.  Yoga is about learning about oneself, on and off the mat.  In order to learn and experience, one must experiment.  This is a very simplified, yet realistic, view of a deep and ancient philosophy.

To experience the beauty that yoga can offer one must be receptive and committed to the learning process.  Yoga is a lifelong learning process.  Even once you think you’ve found your spirit and you’re living from your heart, you’ll realize there’s more within to be discovered.  You’ll crave more.  You’ll crave the process.

I’ve been told, and repeat to my students, that unless you’ve been practicing yoga for 15-20 years you’re still a beginner.  There is always something new to learn on and off your yoga mat.  Usually the new piece of information you learn (whether it’s an asana, sutra or a news event) changes how you viewed the prior information or pose you once knew.  When you start to experiment and play with the new and the old, existing feelings, sensations and thoughts are impacted and new ones are created.  There’s always a cause and effect.  This is the appeal of yoga.  This is life.

Life is a revolving door.  How many times have you changed in your lifetime –so far?  Most of us are not the same person we were at 15, 30, 45, etc.  The choices you made in your 20’s helped pave your way to your 30’s and so forth.  Every choice you make impacts your experiences in life.  When one starts to consistently practice yoga, one’s awareness is heightened to how many options in life exist.

Like life, yoga is an evolutionary process.  It’s a process full of choices.  I encourage all my students to explore a multitude of options:  try different yoga styles, teachers, environments (home, studio, outside, etc.), poses, amplifications and modifications.  Try a private yoga class in your home and/or attend a group yoga class at a new yoga studio.  These are all options in which a choice much be made.  The choices one selects create the experience.  Through experimenting and patience, one will experience the beauty of yoga and find that there is no end. 

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