Smile – On and Off Your Yoga Mat

I was recently asked by a student “when is it okay to smile during a yoga class?”  She continued to say that some yoga teachers have told her to “stay in your practice” when she smiled in the past.  Yes, it’s important to be in your practice.  It’s also important to feel good which is why I encourage smiles J

My random thoughts on smiling:

Every yoga teacher is different.  I believe you can smile and truly be in your practice.  Yoga isn’t just about you. It is about you, but it is also about opening yourself up (from the inside) to others.  Even though you may not be necessarily smiling directly at the yogi next to you in class, a smile can create a connection to those around you in the room.  A smile can improve the energy in the room.  A smile can change how a pose feels in your body.  A smile can ease tension in your body and mind.  A smile can lighten your spirit.  A smile can make you feel happy and free.  Smiling is healthy.  Smile 🙂

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