Two Global Yoga Events this Month

September is a great month to truly be a yogi and live by example through seva (selfless service).  Two events, Global Mala Project and Yoga for Peace, are being held as part of global efforts to raise consciousness and awareness for peace and funds for charity organizations.

Beginning September 21st and running through Sept 23rd, more then 35 countries, hundreds of yoga studios and thousands of yogis worldwide will gather as a part of the Global Mala Project!  This time frame (9/21-23) also marks the fall equinox and the United Nation’s International Peace Day.  Funds raised will go to global causes including Trees for the Future.

For those in Washington, DC, the Global Mala Project will take place on 9/23 at the George Washington University Marvin Center.  It will be a mix of lecture, yoga (108 Sun Salutations), meditation and Kirtan.  The DC event will be kicked off the night before (9/22) with Yoga Trance Dance™.  Visit for full details on the DC events.  Beyond the U.S., other Global Mala Project countries include Israel, Africa, India and Australia.  A list of locations and all Global Mala Project details can be found at 

Yoga for Peace is holding a worldwide annual event on September 8th to mark the 6th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack (9/11) and to demonstrate a unified commitment to global peace.

In Washington, DC, hundreds of yogis will perform 108 Sun Salutations in Farragut Square Park (17th between K and I streets NW) in Washington DC on Saturday September 8.  108 Sun Salutations (representing a Mala) are traditionally used to spark positive change.  When done in sequence and in a group setting, Sun Salutations can produce inner and outer feelings of wholeness, unity, peace, harmony and good will.

Other Yoga for Peace event locations include:  New York City, Santa Cruz, Savannah, Brunswick ME, St. Louis, Dallas, Boulder, Honolulu, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, New Haven CT, Bali, Cologne, Germany, Reykjavik and Tokyo.

To register and/or obtain more info, visit 

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