What is Spirit?

I use to have a difficult time answering this –probably because I felt so disconnected from my spirit.  For many years, my body was moving in multiple paths and my mind had its own set of directions.  To family and friends, I looked like I had it together.  And I did —I had professional and personal success.  I made good money being a marketing professional.  I came from a wonderful family/upbringing.   I married a wonderful husband.  We bought a quaint house in Arlington, VA (just outside of DC).  I was doing all the things that were “expected of me”.  Sure, I was (and I still am) very happy but I lacked a connection with spirit.  I always thought “there must be more to life”.

In my experience, your spirit shines when your body and mind travel down the same path.  I truly believe one of the roadblocks to getting the body & mind to travel together are internal fears and what you think people expect from you.  These roadblocks bury your spirit.  Unfortunately, some people never go within, dig deep and explore what they want.

Over the last year I’ve been lucky to have my mind and body move in sync.  I’m following my passion (teaching yoga) which has naturally resulted in an emotional state of happiness, love and bliss.  As a result, I have uncovered my spirit.  I have discovered a feeling of lightness.  And those around me can see it!  I’m now sharing myself more with others than I ever have before —mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So ask me now “what is spirit?”  Spirit to me is about doing something you believe in.  It’s about taking a leap of faith and pushing through fears that keep you stuck in the rut of “what’s expected of you”.  It’s trusting your instincts and following your passion.  It’s about finding what makes you feel balanced in your life.  It’s about having a strong awareness of yourself and those you encounter everyday.  When you live your life from a place of authenticity, your spirit eventually will shine.

If you feel tied down, lack spirit and/or can’t define “spirit” then stop.  Look within, listen and ask yourself:  “What do I look forward to each day?”  What were the highlights of my life over the last 6 months?”  “What makes me smile?”  “Who makes me smile?”  “What is holding me back from my dreams?”  “What are my fears?”  “Are they really fears, or just excuses?”

Being connected to your spirit is about being aware of the present and the potential the days ahead hold.  It’s about connecting with and pursuing what excites you.  It’s about being you!  It’s not about getting bogged down with the past or the fears of the future.  If you get stuck focusing on what happened to you yesterday or your fears of tomorrow, you’re spirit will never have an opportunity to break through and live within you.

No doubt, finding your spirit is hard work.  It’s a process.  And it’s ever changing.  Life is hard and it isn’t static so why should finding and living with your spirit be any different?  Start your search today and discover your own answer to “what is spirit?”      

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