yogitoes mat towel v. Prana chamois

My previous blog post generated a few questions regarding which yoga mat towel to use.  Below I’ve listed my personal pros & cons of the Prana yoga chamois vs. the yogitoes towel.  As with everything in life, “to each his own”. 

Prana – skidless cloth  Pros:  o       Extends slightly beyond the mat.o       Simple —only one color so no decisions to be made.o       Long life – I’ve had mine for over two years and wash it after each practice.  It’s still holding strong.o       Absorbs the sweat and dries quickly. o       Very compact – great for traveling.        Cons:  o       Only one color

Yogitoes –skidless mat towel  Pros:  o       Cool colors —most colors are trimmed with orange.  o       A portion of the retail price goes to YOGITOES FUND to provide programs to bring love & awareness to children.o       Absorbs sweat.        Cons: o       Shrinks after several washes.

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