Why Do People Cover Their Yoga Mats with Fancy Towels?

When you start to generate body heat through movement and breathing (then add a heated yoga studio into the mix), the hands & feet become sweaty.  For some, the hands and feet can become extremely slippery.  Instead of feeling in control of your yoga poses, you’ll start to feel like you’re on a “slip-n-slide”.  Yoga mat towels prevent you from slipping once you start sweating as they absorb the sweat.

Another great reason to use them, regardless of whether you sweat or not during your yoga practice, is a mat towel puts a hygienic layer between you and your mat.  Of course, it’s recommended that you wipe down your yoga mat after each use even if you cover it.

Finally, a mat towel extends the life of your yoga mat and keeps it looking new longer.

My favorite yoga mat towel is made by Prana; though the yogitoes towel is extremely popular.  Both fit a standard yoga mat 24’x 68’.  Both can be found online via an easy Google search. 

2 responses to this post.

  1. I haven’t tried the Prana one, I use the Yogitoes towel, and it really is fantastic. Stops you slipping, etc. but whats really nice is the feel of the towel underneath your feet and hands, much nicer than rubber. I liked them so much that i just added them to our site. ActiveWearUSA.com




  2. I’ll have to check out the Prana mat towel – sounds like it may be worth it.


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