What to do about Muscle Cramps!?!?!

I was recently asked after teaching a large group yoga class in Old Town (Alexandria, VA) “what can I do about muscle cramps in my legs?”.  I replied drink more water before & after yoga.  Particularly during these 90+ degree days extra water is in order.

Since everything with the body, and not just in yoga class, starts in the feet I also suggested a few exercises to strengthen the muscles in the feet and calves.  I recommended the following to Donna (my student).  Try picking up a sock with your toes and holding for 15 seconds, or attempt to grip a tennis balls with the arches of the feet 5 times or so.  Another easy exercise is to simply lengthen and spread through the toes, balls and heels when the feet are shoeless. 

All you need is 5 minutes a day to build strong, happy feet.  Remember, the feet are the foundation of the body.

Though not completely satisfied with my answer, I Googled “muscles cramps yoga” and came across this article Freedom from Muscle CrampsI was happy to see that my answer to Donna was on target but also appreciated the additional info this article touches upon.  Thank you Elaine Iaccino for your article on muscle cramps.  For other great articles by Elaine please visit www.headsuponyourbody.com

Happy reading for happy feet! 

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  1. Posted by Jenny on August 25, 2007 at 3:17 pm


    In order to prevent cramps in my legs, I drink O.N.E. Coconut Water a day pre and post my exercise.

    This beverage is 100% natural and has 670mg of Potassium!!!

    I highly recommend it!



  2. Hi,
    I just came across your exerpt from my article, Freedom From Muscle Cramps. I think its cool that you liked my article and want to pass it along to other people (though it would have been nice if you asked my permission, but that’s not important). Anyway, the article is no longer on the Body Tonic website. It is now on my personal site, http://www.headsuponyourbody.com. If you would like to redirect the link to my site to make it relevant, that would be ok with me!
    Glad you liked the article. I have also updated it recently and added more interesting information.


  3. Magnesium is really important for muscle health! Its really good for general muscle cramps and good for PMT!

    A really good source of magnesium is dark green leavy vegetables!


  4. I love bodybuilding and making the muscles. Thank you for this interesting post !


  5. Posted by Gilbert Dinnen on August 23, 2012 at 4:10 am

    When i get some bad muscle cramps, i would just take some OTC pain killers and food supplements that helps and healing the joints and muscles. :`’:”

    Take care http://www.foodsupplementdigest.com/health-benefits-of-cherries/


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