Rewiring my Thinking and my Business

It was a year ago yesterday (8/4) that I was laid off from my last corporate marketing job.  No more cramming my feet into high-heels, wearing PINK shirts and paying dry cleaning bills.  My closet is still filled with clothes I haven’t touched since interviewing for marketing consulting work last Fall.  (I think it’s finally time to donate the clothes).  I was miserable in those interviews.  My heart was so not there.  I still wonder “what happened?”  What shifted inside of me?  I use to like marketing and working in the corporate world.  I use to like wearing nice clothes and looking professional everyday.  I use to like the nice paychecks I received biweekly.  Again, what gives?   

I’m not sure what happened but slowly I grew to like teaching yoga more than I thought I would.   It will be a year in October that I officially swapped my professional attire for yoga clothes, full-time, and started abellaYOGA.  I’m happy to report my yoga business has blossomed.  I’m making decent money as a yoga teacher.  Sure, it’s not what I use to make and I’ve cut back on a few things (sort of).  But really, the money is relative…I was asked last night by my friend’s obnoxious sister “is being a yoga teacher lucrative?”.  Well, I may not be wearing $3K David Yurman rings on each hand and Jimmy Choos but I’m happy.  I’m very happy and she so is not and it was so obvious (I’ll just leave it at that).  Unfortunately, so many people let money rule them.  Money truly does not equal happiness.  Money does not equal freedom.      

Okay, I’m getting sidetracked…the downside to my business growing is I feel a little behind on some of the administrative biz stuff and I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed my summer.  It’s August and I have yet to take a vacation!  I can’t seem to keep up with my blog.  I’m now using it as a tool to vent and write random thoughts.  (It was conceived as a Q&A yoga blog and I’m behind on answering some recent questions my clients have posed.)  My online marketing efforts have been pushed aside.  My website is outdated, once again!  Though I have expanded my networking pracitce (I joined BNI) which is key to expanding my private client business.  My very, very part-time lucy job is now interferring.  I’m behind on my expense reporting (yikes I have to meet with my accountant in a couple weeks).  I have a presentation to give on Tuesday that I have yet to prepare. 

Yes, I have a lot going on as a yoga teacher.  I don’t simply teach yoga.  I’m running a business.  I create the strategy, the tasks, the to do list.  I’m in control.  Or am I?  Are all these “to do’s” really necessary?  No one is telling me I have to blog, market, network, etc.  I’m creating my own chaos.  I think a lot of us tend to do that and not just with work but with our personal stuff.  So, I’m rewiring/prioritizing my “to do’s” so that I can enjoy the rest of my summer.  I’m also going to test “can I work less (i.e. do less adminstrative crap, drop lucy) and make more?  And I don’t be more in the sense of $$$.  I mean make more time to see more clients (this isn’t work to me), take more yoga classes and ride my bike more with my husband.  Simply, have more time for fun and freedom to do the things that make me happy.       

I’m spending my weekend looking at the big picture and wondering “what really matters?”.   Subconsciously, I think this is what happened when I was laid off.  I looked at my life and wondered “what really matters?”.  I think last Aug/Sept events were pivotal points in my life.  They were the beginning of a journey I didn’t even know I was about to take.  A year later (today) I’m still in this new journey and still uncovering what really matters.  As I slowly, and consciously, rewire my thinking, things are starting to fall into place.  So far I like what’s happened and excited to find out where I may go.  Wish me luck as I continue to rewire and test my new business idea, “work less, make more”.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m telling you, I’m meeting more and more stressed out studio owners. I can only think it not what it appears from the outside. Thanks for the insight of what really goes on….


  2. Weel done, great blog and great posts!!!


  3. Ohhh, I can’t tell you how familiar your story is, nor how welcome it was to read your story today. I’m in much the same boat, finding myself chasing to-do lists and feeling scattered. Being a yoga instructor and running it as business is a demanding path. Thanks for sharing your honest experiences here. I so appreciated hearing it.


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