Know Your Options

(warning:  this is a random entry.  please enjoy.)

In many ways, our bodies are like sponges.  Our life experiences are stored within us.  Many of us are completely unaware that everything that happens to us leaves either a positive or negative impression in our bodies, minds and souls.  

What we eat and breathe affects us.  Toxins build up within us.  What we see in the news impacts how we feel about and/or respond to our immediate environment and the world we live in as a whole. 

We all have multiple roles:  spouse/partner, parent, neighbor, caretaker, employee, brother/sister, son/daughter.  We work.  We commute.  We volunteer.  We party/network.  We have house chores.  We have financial responsibilities.  The list is endless.

Mental and emotional stress gets stored in the body.  I recently read a Gallup Poll stat that found 80% of workers report job stress.  Neck pain (62% of them) and eye problems (44%) were the top reported work-related physical stresses.

The physical human body is an amazing structure.  Unfortunately, too many of us neglect our bodies.  The result:  we start to become rigid —mentally, emotionally and physically.  Everything is done on autopilot.  We lose sight of our dreams and desires.  We start to forget that “we have options”.

The stresses and the roles we play in life aren’t going away.  Your challenge is to find and select options that will bring balance to your life.  Start with small changes –maybe simply eating one more piece of fruit each day or take a 10 minute walk after dinner.  Practice yoga 10 minutes each morning.  Drink a glass of water instead of soda for lunch.  Write your thoughts/experiences down and consider your options.  List your goals –short & long term.  Practice positive thinking.

Keeping your body, mind and spirit rooted and centered is essential to keeping your sponge porous.  When your body can start to expel stress and maybe feel lighter, you’ll be ready to absorb the next thing that comes by and know that you can either cling to it or let go.           

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  1. We all just push ourselves in the wrong direction…I liked your destress tips…thanks!


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