I’ve been thinking about the concept of freedom for the last few weeks.  What does freedom really mean?  How can I feel a little freer in my life?

Over the weekend I went to the Women of Faith Association’s Amazing Freedom Conference at the Verizon Center with my sister Holly.  She was going to go whether I went or not.  This type of thing isn’t my cup of tea but I decided to keep an open mind and go because it was important to her.    

I found it ironic that a lot of the concepts/principles being offered were very similar to some of my journal writings.  Freedom for instance is a concept I’ve been pondering most recently and it happened to be the theme of the conference.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I was invited to the conference for a reason –to keep my sister company.  Though I also think I was meant to attend a conference that is “so not me” so that I could learn a little more about the word freedom and more importantly be reminded of how valuable it is to be open-minded.  When you can approach life (events, people, places, etc.) openly, you start to feel freedom.  Right?

Freedom is a condition of being unrestricted, free and open to whatever.  It can be a quality you carry into your day after you practice yoga or go for a morning run.  It can be a feeling of liberation when you leave a job you disliked for many months (or years).  Freedom can be playful. You sing because you can.  You dance because you can.  Freedom can also be powerful when you can do what you want, when and where you want.  It can be a feeling of lightness when you purge your “stuff” and donate to GoodWill. 

Let me conclude by offering you just a few of the many ways you can set yourself free and bring freedom into your life.  Freedom from fear.  Freedom from worry.  Freedom from busyness.  Freedom from perfection.  Freedom from stuff/baggage.  Freedom to love.  Freedom to sing, laugh, dance.  Freedom to share.  Freedom to be you.

Pick one area in your life and see if you can create the freedom your heart desires.  Move one step at a time.  Recognize the freedom in each step.  Soon you’ll enjoy more power, fun and freedom in your life.   

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