It’s part of the basic structure of our universe and it’s essential into how we move about and plan our days.  Time to wake-up, lunch time, time for yoga class, dinner time reservations and of course, party time; however mundane the event, we set a time for it.  My dog’s biological clock sets an eat time every 12 hours. 

Time is so fundamental to our lives.  Unfortunately, it starts to control us.  Personally, I’ve been feeling rundown this past month.  A lack to sleep has been part of it (due to lack of time).  My personal yoga practice has been sabotaged slightly to make room for my business, abellaYOGA.  Growth in both me and my business are very important to me.  To excel in both, I need to dedicate time.

There always seems to be more I “need to do” vs. what I actually complete.  It’s like a balance scale –the “need” side is more forceful and hence weighing down on me more than the “what I have accomplished” side.  To top it off, this doesn’t even factor in the things I want to do, the books I want to read and the friends I want to catch up with over lunch.

I’m challenged by this.  I’m challenged by time.  As a yoga teacher, I’m perplexed.  The perception of yoga teachers is that we’re all very peace, love and happiness.  However, I think in order to live the peace, love and happiness image, freedom is required -and not just freedom in the mind and body; freedom from so many time constraints.  

So what am I doing to find freedom?  I’m in the midst of reviewing my schedule to see how I can cut back and not feel crunched by time.  I realize time is important.  Events need to happen.  Business needs to happen.  Life just happens.  It’s learning to manage situations better.  It’s learning to say “no” to things.  It’s learning to “pick and choose”.  It’s learning to be happy with what I have and not so much “where I want to go”.            

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