Who is abellaYOGA?

I am Melody Abella.  I took a yogic leap and left the corporate marketing world the Summer of 2006 to finally put my yoga teacher certification to full use.  In order to teach yoga full-time and still live life, I created abellaYOGA last fall.  I am now happily 100% focused on sharing the beauty of yoga with others as well as continually studying all aspects of yoga.

This blog exist to share the answers to questions I receive from my students about yoga as well as post my thoughts and periodically display info about what’s happening in the DC yoga community.   

More about me?  Visit www.abellaYOGA.com or take a gander below.  This little Q&A is straight from my bio posted in the  lululemon Georgetown showroom… 

Hometown: Dover, DE

Birthday: May 27, 72

Pet: Briggs —he’s a 1 year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound that we rescued about 3 months ago from www.homewardtrails.org 

Favorite Yoga Position: Natarajasana

Favorite Food/Food group:  anything spicy!!!

One thing I really want to do, but have never tried:  skydiving

Biggest Fear: getting knocked out by a wave in the ocean

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