Hometown: Arlington, VA vs. Dover, DE

I’m kicking off the community classes for lululemon in the DC market this Sunday, July 1st.  As part of the agreement, lulu will post some mini-interview questions with my answers, bio and picture in the Georgetown lululemon showroom.  Hometown was one of the questions asked.  For the first time, I paused before answering.

I live in Arlington, VA and have for over 12 years.  I was born & raised (Dover) and attended college (go fighting blue hens!) in DE.  Does “hometown” mean the first 18 years of my life?  Of course, it does but I’m starting to consider Arlington “home”.  I have a house, husband and business here.  And now I have a dog.  I know more people in the DC area than in all of DE (a shout out to Jay E.).  Arlington, VA is very much considered my home.   

Hometown?  This simple question for once brought pause.  In a few years, I will have lived in Arlington longer than Dover.  Dover will always be in my past.  It’s where I got my roots in life; though, I’m feeling new roots in my life settling, grounding and blossoming the longer I reside in my present place, Arlington, VA. 

So how did I answer the “hometown” question?  Dover, DE.  I clearly know what the question means but I did hesitate for once.  Maybe the question should be rephrased to “born & raised:”

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