BODIES the exhibit

BODIES the exhibit is here in DC (technically just over the river in Rosslyn/Arlington, VA) until October 28, 2007.  It’s a must see for anyone who works with, around, on or inside bodies. 

Even if you don’t work with bodies, you should take the time to learn what’s going on inside your own.  This exhibit will more than likely give you a new appreciation of what goes on inside, really deep inside.  It’s a fascinating way to show what goes on inside the body making humans so awesome and fluid in day to day movements.  And yes, they’re actual human bodies that have been preserved for our viewing.   

A few highlights:  The spinal cord is in full view with the eyeballs attached —wow!  Find out what muscles are required to perform rudimentary tasks.  See the numerous layers that comprise your body —don’t pass by the 11lbs of skin on display.  Take-in the various stages of a fetus developing starting at just 10 days old.  Still smoking?  Maybe viewing the charred lungs of a smoker next to healthy lungs will make you drop the pack of cigarettes you’re carrying with you in the container next to the display.

Location details:  The Dome in Rosslyn, 1101 Wilson Blvd.  If going way of metro, take the orange or blue line to Rosslyn. 

How much is it?  There’s a hefty ticket charge but its well worth it.  Visit for ticket prices and other exhibit details.

Allow a couple hours to really take it all in.  As you move through it, keep a smile on your face in appreciation of what you see.  It only takes 17 muscles to smile compared to the 43 muscles you use to frown or make an ugly face.  So smile and enjoy BODIES the exhibit.    

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  1. Posted by icanfeellt on June 28, 2007 at 12:15 am

    “Bodies the exhibit” discount is $5 off with promo code : “METRO”

    Go to this link for details:


  2. Thanks! I will use this when I go back…I’m planning at least one more visit before it leaves DC.


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