Online Yoga Instruction

Feeling short on time today?  Or, maybe you don’t want to spend precious moments in the car traveling to your favorite yoga class?  Bored with your yoga DVD?  Can’t justify spending the money for in-home private instruction?  Traveling too many days this summer to get into a regular routine? 

We all have excuses as to why we don’t get on our yoga mat more often than we’d like.  Well, enough!  There’s a new alternative on the rise, online yoga classes —making yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime of the day.  (free) and (low monthly fee) are two places you can now quickly connect with to get your daily fix on the mat.

Of course, being a yoga instructor and long-time student I truly believe live yoga instruction is the best way to ensure proper posture and alignment as well as add positive energy.  I also believe variety is the spice of life.  So mix it up a little.  Do a little of each:  live group classes, online classes, private yoga instruction or just flow in your backyard or nearby park.  Keep moving and your body, mind and soul will shine.  Namaste.

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