Listen, Learn, Laugh

I woke up at 2:30am today and somehow in the midst of trying to fall back to sleep “listen, learn and laugh” popped into my head.  I started to think….these are three simple actions that really allow us to enjoy what’s going on in life, in the present moment.  “Listen, learn and laugh”.  It sounds so simple, right?  The challenge is to keep it simple and by doing so life unfolds right in front of you.

Listening to others is certainly a trait worth cultivating.  Listening can lead to learning new things about life, others, yourself, etc.  I’m not just talking about listening to those around you.  Listen your heart.  Listen, explore and act according to what your heart says then stop to see what happens.  It may be the best thing you can do for YOU.  Take note of the outcome of listening to YOU. What lessons were learned?  This leads to the next “l’ in my middle of the night brainstorm.

Life is an endless learning process.  Simply learning to trust your inner guide (intuition, heart, feelings, etc) is a lesson that can take years for some.  Once realized, it can be worth its weight in gold.  Learning to trust starts with listening.  Listening requires you to be fully present.  Asana, breathing and meditation are all tools you can use to open up your ears to you.      

When you start to listen and learn, whether it’s from yourself and/or others, you may find you can laugh more freely.  Laughing enables you to shed stress and fully live in the present.  Have you heard of laughing yoga?  A full explanation requires another blog entry but in the meantime visit

Laugh –why not?  Laugh at your mistakes.  More importantly, learn to listen to and learn from your mistakes.  Mistakes are life’s lessons in disguise.  Don’t take them too seriously.  Lighten up!  Listen, Laugh, and Learn.  Oh, and LIVE life.

One response to this post.

  1. You are one of the first blogs I have read today! I am going to try and remember that all day today…LISTEN, LEARN, LAUGH.

    Thank you!


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