“I Can’t Do That! I’m Too _______ ”

As a yoga teacher, I hear so many reasons why someone “thinks” they can’t do a pose.  My arms aren’t long enough, I’m too round in the belly, I’m too tall, I’m not that flexible, my boobs are too big…you name it, I’ve heard it. 

Yoga embraces imperfections.  Yoga “introduces you to you”, just as you are.  We each have our own list of imperfections we see in ourselves both on and off the mat.  The challenge of yoga resides in learning to embrace where you are in your body, mind and life and work with it.  Work with it just as it is.  This work is called practice.  And practice is challenging. 

From this place of challenge, you start to see yoga as a discipline.  Challenges bring you back to your mat and keep you alive in life.  Challenges encourage change.  Change results in growth.   And the more you can discipline yourself to step onto your mat and face “what is”, the stronger you’ll grow —mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Let me clarify what I mean by the word “stronger”.  I simply mean you’ll start to feel more in touch with your true Self —your individuality, spirit and beauty.  Once you can connect with and accept your Self just as you are, there’s a feeling of power that naturally resonants from the inside out.  You’ll feel it.  Others will see it. 

No one is perfect.  Wouldn’t the world be an extremely bland place to live if we were all perfect?  I certainly think so.   

Let your spirit shine and chant “Yes, I can”.  Namaste.       

One response to this post.

  1. Thank you for this! I needed it! 🙂 I am having some “problem areas” but you are right…all I can do is just keep working at them! 🙂


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