BALANCE -continued

Tagging on to my last post, another crucial thing to note in regards to physical balance is your external as well as internal (mental) environment.  For many of us, being off balanced in Vrksasana can be a reflection of being out of balance in our lives. 

Take a quick survey of your life, do you feel centered?  Are you being pulled down by spending too much of your energy doing things you dislike?  What if you could spend more time in the garden rather in front of your laptop?  Reevaluate –do you really need to do all of the things you dislike?  Yes, some are responsibilities that can’t be avoided but sometimes we get overpowered by thinking we have “to do” when we really can get by with doing less. 

Balance in yoga class is just as important as having a balanced life, a balanced diet and balanced tires on your car.  It doesn’t take much to throw our lives out of whack.  It does take some time though to get back to a point where feel centered and content.  Happy balancing!   

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