Happy May!

I love the month of May.  And not just because my birthday is this month J  To me, May signals the beginning of all things “summer”:  birds chirping at 5am, sunlight at 6:30am, morning dew in the grass, warm breezes in the evenings and weekend cook-outs.  There are so many things that May introduces as we enter the warmer months.  Yes, I do know that May is a Spring month and Summer officially doesn’t start until June 21st.  Why wait!?!?!  My summer starts in May. 

For me, May is considered the beginning of my summer yoga practice.  After being cooped up Oct – April, I usually head out doors a couple times a week to explore my yoga.  Practicing yoga outside brings me a freedom I can’t capture indoors.  The air is fresh (minus the pollen).  My space (my back deck) is bigger than my yoga mat.  I can hang out in vrksasana pose surrounded by Mother Nature’s trees.  I can explore headstand with my feet reaching toward the sun (as oppose to the indoor ceiling).  This to me is freedom! 

There are no limits outside.  I feel lighter.  My breath circulates freely.  And my mind is more open to trying something new, something challenging. 

As I sit on my back deck to type this entry, I wonder what challenging poses I will explore this summer in this open space.  First class is tomorrow.  I’ll show up and see what happens when my yoga practice starts to mingle with the beautiful elements of summer.  Happy May!   

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