Set an Intention for Your Yoga Practice

Selecting an intention at the beginning of each class will help bring clarity to your practice, clear your mind of useless chatter and keep you focused why you’re on your mat.  Keep your intention simple –a word, a phrase, a person.  Pick one thing to reflect on throughout your practice and stick with it.  Breathe, peace, ahimsa or maybe simply dedicating your practice to someone in your life who could use the energy. 

After you leave your yoga class, carry your intention into your life for the rest of the day or maybe until the next time you visit your yoga mat.  It’s said that your yoga practice is a reflection of your life.  How you move, react, think, etc. off the mat is how you will move, react and think on the mat.  Can you reverse this thinking?  Can you actively take your breathe into your life?  Can you take the peace you feel on the mat into your day?

Setting an intention and taking it into your life is a simple way to incorporate yoga as you move about your life.  This will allow you to easily make your life a reflection on your yoga pratice.  Isn’t that really why we come to the mat in the first place?  Yoga is so much more than just the poses we do during a yoga class, but that’s another blog post.  Until then. set an intention and live it on and off your yoga mat.  Namaste.  

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  1. Posted by choibiaVenoAbses on December 31, 2008 at 6:18 am

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  2. Great entry. We’re holding a yoga event to raise money for women with breast cancer:

    Hope you’ll help us out by featuring this event in a future entry!


  3. Namaste. It is really a must to have a purpose for every yoga practice. It helps set the mood.


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