Take II: Teaching Yoga at 34

Following up to my previous post on “what’s the age of your yoga teacher”…I’m always slightly envious when I see that colleges are now offering multiple yoga classes and certification programs.  During my last semester at University of Delaware, yoga was offered and I was lucky to be able to take it as an elective.  At that time being all of 22, teaching yoga never crossed my mind.  Let alone I despised speaking in front of a group larger than 2 people.  10 plus years later passing through a multitude of yoga classes, yoga workshops/trainings, relationships, corporate jobs and just general life, I’m now teaching yoga full-time and registered at the 200 hour level with the Yoga Alliance.

My point (yes I have one) is I needed life experience to be a yoga teacher and I need more.  I look at everyday as an experience.  I view my new experiences as the key to further develop myself as both a teacher and yoga student.  I’ll always be a student of yoga and life. 

Speaking of students (which we all are), it’s important for yoga students to explore yoga teachers, styles, studios, etc.  Play with yoga on and off your mat.  You’ll eventually find a teacher with an loving soul who makes you feel young at heart.  And who knows when it will happen but as a student you’ll eventually discover your inner yoga teacher.  It’s there in all of us. 

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