What are you doing for Karmapalooza?

Yes, KARMApalooza; not lalapalooza

Maybe it’s not realistic to go Florida on Saturday (3/17) or a studio near you to participate in a Salutation-A-Thon (108 Sun Sals) to raise money for Trees for the Future.  Instead can you do 20 Sun Salutations, participate in spirit and write a check for $88 (20+$88=108) for Trees for the Future.  

Don’t have $88 to donate?  Go to http://karmapalooza.com/sunSals.html , print out the pledge sheet and collect small donations from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  If 20 people give $4 and you do 28 Sun Sals, you’ve done a good deed.  Trees for the Future is a worldwide non-profit organization who has set the intention of planting over 3 million trees this year!  Your intention will aid their intention. 

As a good friend of mine always says, all the good karma you need is happening within the four corners of your yoga mat.  So get on your mat Saturday, give a little and share a little karma. 

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