Valentine’s Day in Washington D.C.

It’s Valentine’s Day, it’s icy outside and most of us in the D.C. Metro area are homebound for the day.  For some today’s weather may be considered a disappointment –delayed roses, frozen chocolates (if you left them in the car overnight) and cancelled dinner plans.  For others, the ice is an excuse to work in the comfort of home and reflect upon what nature just delivered.  Personally I can’t stop looking out the window at the bright snow on the ground and icicles dangling off my car.      

Make this a Valentine’s Day to remember.  Get a little work done and then do something to celebrate this snowy Valentine’s Day.  Find a way to relax your heart with the beauty of Mother Nature.  Go outside with your partner and breathe in the fresh, crisp air.  Play with the kids breaking off icicles and making snowballs.  Take some time for yourself and practice yoga inside next to the window.  Use the time you’d normally be stuck in traffic to sit down with a cup of hot cocoa and make white paper snowflakes and red hearts –do you remember how? 

Today is truly one of the few days you’ll get to do all of the above in the same day and not feel guilty.  Relax, reflect and enjoy! 

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